VIP protection & accompaniment

Special security team

Armed - unarmed personnel

VIP protection & accompaniment

In the E.V.P. We believe that as a security company we should ensure maximum protection of our customers. This is why we have choices of discreet, professional and personal security services.

Also in the E.V.P you will find a collection of security services and Elite bodyguards, specially designed to ensure the effective minimization of any risk.

We have armed and unarmed security guards, judging by the risk of each of our customers.

Έχουμε θέσει τους στόχους μας για μια εγρήγορση κινητικότητα προστασίας ώστε να μπορείτε να πραγματοποιείτε τις καθημερινές σας δραστηριότητες με επαρκής κάλυψη.

We combine many different strategies to keep our customers safe, both in your home and on your outings.


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